Frenier, Louisiana

One of our crews is conducting a resubdivision of property on Dottie Lane in Frenier, Louisiana. The supernatural threat of the Voodoo Queen weighs heavy on our crew today. The sheer fear of Julia Brown casting a curse is daunting. The crew was advised to treat her land with the utmost respect while conducting this survey. Riverlands Surveying intends to maintain a respectable relationship with the Voodoo Queen. It’s rumored that if you listen closely you can still hear her eerie vocals crawling through the thickest muck of the swamps. Frenier also offers Frenier Landing and Bec’s at the Lake which are two great restaurants with a breathtaking view. Be sure to visit this town, enjoy the food, and respect the Voodoo Queen’s swamp!

Oak Alley: Vacherie, Louisiana

We have a crew diligently conducting a topographical survey on Mrs. Stewarts postbellum masterpiece. Mrs. Stewarts renovation and landscape designs are truly remarkable and even more astonishing in person. Oak Alley stands today as a national historic landmark. It is truly an honor to work on such a beautiful and historic site.

St. James Parish

Old Grate bars came from boilers at the sugar mills. Surveyors and property owners used them to mark their lines. People also used buggy axles, bolts, spindles or whatever they could find. This particular grate bar on the upper river side of 2700 Highway 44 in Paulina, St James Parish, Louisiana.